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I am Len Sistek, a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Colorado's 4th Congressional District.  Please read on and learn more about me and see that I possess the skills and credentials to successfully challenge the incumbent, Ken Buck, for this office.

I have Washington and federal government experience that includes the White House, Congress, the Pentagon and the U.S. Air Force.  I believe that once you learn more about my experience, policies, moxie, and the values I share with you, the citizens of CD-4, as well as with all Coloradoans, this will show me to be the best candidate for this office.  I have a long and documented history of standing up for what is right and still have a youthful imagination to conceive or understand innovative ideas that will make, CD-4, Colorado, and our Nation, a better place. 

Ken Buck has "big money interests" on his side.  Our current congressman talks about draining the swamp, but is actually one who keeps the swamp flourishing. I have successfully used my positions in government to actually lower the swamp waters.  I need your support if we are going to change the culture in DC and in our country.  Please help as best as you can.


Saturday, February 17, 2018 12:25 PM

Len Sistek Joins Race for 4th Congressional District

It's Official, Len Sistek has entered the race for U.S. Congress for Colorado's 4th Congressional District. He has drained the swamp before and can do it again -- this will make CD-4 a better place. Len has a focus on Healthcare, Jobs and the Environment. He has a background that includes National Security, Education, Military and Veterans issues. He will focus on the unique needs of rural Agriculture. Len faces a "do-little" incumbent who is funded by financial giants who expect favors.

Meaningful change for this District is long past due. Len needs help from those who would rather protect CD-4, Colorado, and our great nation than just keep the "swamp" running, as usual.

Committee to Elect Len Sistek
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